Facial Rejuvenation in Roseville

Conveniently located to serve Placer County, Sacramento Valley and surrounding areas

Facial Rejuvenation

Looking your best is the essence of cosmetic dermatology. At Placer Dermatology, our goal is to
help you look younger and fresher, but not different. We believe in baby steps, especially when
it comes to fillers and restoring volume or contour to your face. The more dramatic the change,
the less natural the beauty.

Your Cosmetic Appointment

When you schedule a cosmetic appointment, prepare ahead and have an idea of your priorities.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my top priority?
  2. Is it the top third of my face (sagging eyebrows or eyelids, forehead and glabellar wrinkles,
    crow’s feet wrinkles, etc)?
  3. Is it the middle third of my face (hollows or bags underneath eyes, wrinkled lower eyelid skin,
    flat cheek contour, wrinkles around nose, etc)?
  4. Is it the lower third of my face (wrinkles around mouth and lips, deep cheek folds, sagging cor-
    ners of mouth, flat lips, etc)?
  5. What is my budget?

Be realistic in your expectations. Remember that it took a lifetime of frowning, smiling, and sun damage to create those changes. Take it slow and you will not only be safer but also happier with your results.

We look forward to providing you with an Experience of Excellence in Dermatology.