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Our Moles Treatment

What are Moles?

Moles are a very common variety of skin growth that appear as small to medium, dark brown spots. They are caused by the clustering and aggregation of pigmented cells. Moles may appear during childhood through adulthood, yet usually fade away over a significant amount of time. Atypical moles are those that appear unusual in shape and pigment. These types of moles are known as dysplastic nevi, and may be cause for concern of skin cancer. Dermatologists suggest getting moles checked if they seem different in size, shape, and color than those on the rest of the body.

How are Atypical Moles a Sign of Skin Cancer?

Melanoma, a type of skin cancer, may develop in, around, or beneath a mole. Most melanoma are found near atypical moles. If found early and treated accordingly, melanoma is curable. Knowing the difference between atypical malignant moles and normal moles could help save your life.

How are Moles Treated?

Most normal moles do not require any treatment, other than if a patient aesthetically requires its removal. For atypical moles with disfigurement and discoloration, dermatologists recommend their removal. This removal is either done through surgical excision with stitching or a surgical shave removal. In either case, the tissue removed is sent to skin pathologists and is microscopically evaluated. Placer Dermatology specializes in the treatment and removal of atypical moles and has a multitude of solutions to create an effective, individualized plan for your treatment.