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Diagnosis & Treatment

The skin is our largest organ, and plays a crucial role in protecting the rest of our body from the environment. Daily exposure to irritants and environmental hazards prematurely age and cause other types of damage to our skin.

The skin is also subject to diseases and conditions which result both from our genetic make up as well as random events. Conditions of the skin can also be a manifestation of internal disease. Due to the complexity of this important organ, including the presence of various cell types, there are hundreds of different conditions which can effect the skin.

The diagnosis and management of skin conditions can therefore be extremely challenging. As an experienced Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Henke and his providers are expert in diagnosing and treating all diseases and disorders of the skin, hair and nails, ranging from the simplest of rashes to the most serious of skin cancers, including:

      • Acne
      • Autoimmune Skin Disorders
      • Bacterial Skin Infections
      • Benign Skin Growths
      • Blistering Diseases
      • Congenital Skin Disorders
      • Cysts
      • Dermatitis
      • Dry Skin
      • Eczema

Skin Surgery

Dr. Henke and his providers perform skin surgery under local anesthesia to treat a variety of malignant, premalignant and benign skin growths. While the appropriate surgical treatment for a given growth is of the utmost importance, your cosmetic outcome and comfort is also always a priority. Dr. Henke will personally address any questions or concerns you may have before, during and following the procedure.

Skin Biopsy

Skin biopsies are important in diagnosing a variety of growths (including skin cancers) as well as certain inflammatory skin conditions and some skin infections. There are several types of skin biopsies which can be preformed depending on the type and location of the growth or condition. As Dermatologists with prior dermatopathology training, Dr. Henke and his providers can choose the appropriate procedure and interpret the dermatopathologist’s report accurately. They can then offer the best treatment options.


Electrodessication & Curretage

Certain skin cancers and benign growths can be treated with this less invasive procedure.



Utilizing liquid nitrogen, a variety of pre cancerous and benign growths can be treated. These include sun induced pre cancers (actinic keratoses), warts, skin tags and certain itchy or irritated growths.

Intralesional Injections

Hypertrophic scars or keloids as well as certain benign growths and inflammatory skin conditions (including certain hair loss conditions, granuloma annulare, some forms of lupus) respond to this treatment.

Cosmetic Services

Current cosmetic procedures and products include:

  • Botox/Dysport for smoothing wrinkles and leaving a softer, gentler and more youthful appearance.
  • Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) for treating unwanted vessels and redness of the face, neck, and chest as well as for treating vascular growths like cherry angiomas and red scars.
  • Juvederm for treating fine lines, deep wrinkles and folds.
  • Cosmetic removal of moles and other benign skin growths.
  • Extensive skin care lines which include products available only to Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.